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Exercises, Drills, Assessments and Evaluations of: Disaster management procedures, Highway incident scene safety, Fire/Rescue/EMS operations, Law Enforcement, Multi-Casualty Incident Management, Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), Maritime Rescue, Harbor & Mass Rescue Operations, Area Command, Complex Critical Attack Terrorist Response, Active shooter and other related emergency service activities.

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An award-winning video documentary by first time filmmaker Paul Schwartz


Santa Rosa’s firefighters know they face danger — and even death — every time they go to work. Why do they risk their lives for strangers? In F.D., firefighters speak from the heart as they explore the answer to that question.

To make F.D., Paul Schwartz followed the Santa Rosa Fire Department from April 2001 to August 2002, sometimes staying with a station house for 24 hours a day. His film is an intimate look at the firefighters’ highly-charged daily routine of responding to calls, living together at the fire house, and struggling to leave the job behind as they return to their families.

Through individual interviews, the men and women of the SRFD reflect on the meaning of it all, as they talk candidly about the intensity of their experiences and challenge of coping with the constant stress that comes with the job. F.D. presents an honest, straight-on look at firefighters’ daily work lives, the toll it takes on them and their families, and the rewards that keep them dedicated to a very tough job.

F.D. is for anyone interested in what it means to be a firefighter. Many people who have seen it, have gained a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of the firefighters who protect them.

This is an excellent DVD presentation on the life and experience of firefighters and paramedics. It captures the life of being a public servant and its affect on family life. It is a must-see presentation for everyone in emergency services especially new recruits, CISD training and public awareness. Filmed live with the Santa Rosa, California, Fire Department. Available now from ICS Toolbox LLC. Order your copy today.

“Best Documentary Profile (Professional)”
National Hometown Video Festival

“Official Selection”
Festival du Cinéma de Bruxelles

“Special Mention”
Honolulu International Festival


In memory of Paul Schwartz


Director of F.D., Brother, and Honorary Firefighter

Proceeds from the purchase of this video will benefit national burn centers.